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Pet Dental Care in Ottawa

You need dental cleanings and checkups to ensure the health of your teeth and so do your pets. Just like you, animals should have their teeth brushed and cleaned regularly. In fact, the more often you brush your cat or dog’s teeth and bring them in for professional cleanings, the better you can prevent severe dental problems in the long run. 


Chapel Hill Veterinary Clinic is well versed in pet dental care. Ottawa pet owners can rest assured knowing their pets are taken care of when they visit our clinic. We provide checkup appointments, preventative care to help stop dental disease, and dental surgery to remove larger problems.


Signs of Dental Disease in Your Pets

While it may seem like your dog or cat has healthy teeth, this may not always be the case. Dental disease often goes unnoticed in pets, and it can lead to even more health problems. If you’ve noticed some changes in your pet’s eating habits or health, you should seek pet dental care in Ottawa. Dental disease warning signs include:

  • Visible plaque buildup on teeth
  • Bad breath
  • Red or bleeding gums
  • Loss of interest in chewing
  • Avoiding eating or chewing 
  • Using specific side of the mouth while chewing


Importance of Dental Health in Pets
Dental disease can cause a variety of problems in your pet if left untreated. Pets with painful teeth may act differently or have difficulty chewing. Bacteria in the mouth that causes dental disease can enter your pet’s bloodstream and cause problems in organs such as the heart, liver and kidneys.

To prevent such problems, you should make sure your pets are getting proper pet dental care in Ottawa, the Chapel Hill Veterinary Clinic team will help to protect your pets oral health.

How Often Should You Have Your Pet's Teeth Assessed?
The frequency that your pet needs to go to the dentist depends on many factors including:

  • Size
  • Breed 
  • Age

Small dogs are more susceptible to dental disease than large dogs, so it is often recommended they attend more frequent visits to the veterinarian. In general, dental checkups are recommended every 12 months at the pet's annual physical. Based on history and examination, these check-ups may be recommended to be performed more frequently,

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Preventive Pet Dental Care in Ottawa

During your pet’s annual or biannual exam, our veterinarians can give you valuable dental care tips. Following our advice can help prevent many issues, including:

Gingivitis and gum disease

Plaque and tartar


Infected teeth

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Dental Surgery for Your Pet

Your pet’s oral health can affect his or her overall health, so it is important that broken and severely plaque-covered teeth be looked at as soon as possible. At Chapel Hill Veterinary Clinic, all dental surgery is performed under general anesthesia and includes:


Ultrasonic scaling


Fluoride treatment

In some cases, your pet may also need more advanced procedures. Root canals and crowns, which are especially useful for working dogs with broken teeth, may require a specialist. Call us for more information.

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