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Safe Veterinary Surgery in Ottawa

Chapel Hill Veterinary Clinic has a team of experienced surgeons to help your pet stay healthy. Our surgeons are skilled in veterinary surgeries and prioritize your pet’s well-being over anything else. We use advanced surgical protocols, prioritizing pain management and pet safety. Our clinic is equipped with modern tools and equipment to ensure your pet receives reliable veterinary surgery. As pets age, they go through several difficult phases. Our Chapel Hill Veterinary Clinic team understands pet care and can help your pet with proper medical treatment and veterinary surgery if necessary.


Chapel Hill Veterinary Clinic regularly carries out various surgeries and spay and neuter in Ottawa and Orleans. Our veterinarians provide a wide range of dog and cat surgical procedures. When you visit our clinic for pet care, we sit with you to understand the condition and needs of your pet. Our veterinarian will offer all possible solutions for your pet’s well-being. We will explain the veterinary surgery to you and guide you in all postoperative care so that your pet’s recovery is fast. Our staff is trained to provide all the necessary help for surgery and afterwards.

Caring Staff


When you visit our clinic with your pet, our veterinary surgery staff will thoroughly examine your pet. We understand that surgery is a big step and try to rule out any possible issues that might come in the way of proper healing. Our team will provide you with every possible information about your pet’s health and guide you to prepare appropriately for the surgery. You can talk to us if you have any questions regarding the procedure. We’d be happy to clear all your doubts.

Beyond Surgery in Ottawa


Our staff is experienced and will provide your pet with gentle care. Our responsibility doesn't end in the surgical suite. We are there with you to help your pet recover properly. Our team will guide you through appropriate post-operative care practices.

Soft-Tissue Veterinary Surgery


Soft-tissue surgeries can include anything involving the muscles, skin, and internal organs. Our Ottawa veterinary surgery staff routinely carries out soft-tissue surgeries that can affect the health and happiness of pets.


Some of the most common forms of soft-tissue surgeries in pets include:

  • Cancerous tumour removal
  • Accidentally ingested blockages
  • Internal organ injuries
  • Skin and muscle injuries

If your pet requires specialty surgery, you may be referred to an appropriate specialist.

Helping You Take Care of Your Pet

Be it a vaccine dose or tumour removal, we are here to help your pet lead a healthy life.

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