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Safe Pet Surgery in Ottawa and Orleans

As pet-lovers ourselves, we understand the difficulty in having your cat or dog undergo pet surgery. Ottawa and Orléans pet-owners can be rest assured their favourite furry friend is in good hands with the veterinary surgery team at Chapel Hill Veterinary Clinic.

Our Ottawa veterinary surgeons and anesthesiologists provide surgical services such as orthopedic surgeries, soft-tissue surgeries, declawing, as well as spaying and neutering.

If you’ve been referred to our clinic for soft-tissue or orthopedic surgery, we would be happy to walk you through the entire process. Please, give us a call or scroll down this page to learn about some of the surgical services offered at our Ottawa clinic.

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Soft-Tissue Veterinary Surgery

Soft-tissue surgeries can include anything involving the muscles, skin, and internal organs. Our Ottawa veterinary surgery staff routinely carries out soft-tissue surgeries to treat injured and ruptured tendons, striated skeletal muscles, injured ligaments, damaged peripheral nerves, and other soft-tissue injuries that can affect the health and happiness of pets.

Some of the most common forms of soft-tissue surgeries in pets include:

  • Cancerous tumor removal
  • Accidentally ingested blockages
  • Internal organ injuries
  • Airway obstruction issues
  • Skin, muscle, and nerve injuries
  • …and others
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Orthopedic Surgery for Cats and Dogs

Fractures, joint issues, and broken bones unfortunately affect pets just like the human population. In some instances, joint inflammation, fractures, and broken bones can only be detected through an X-ray since cats and dogs instinctively try to mask their injuries. Therefore, if you suspect something is not quite right with your canine or feline companion, be sure to bring them into Chapel Hill Veterinary Clinic or a veterinarian near you.

It goes without saying that your pet’s quality of life will be greatly improved after orthopedic surgery and check-ups with your vet.

At Chapel Hill Veterinary Clinic, we use many types of surgical equipment that wouldn’t be out of place in a hospital for humans. Injured pets have no concept of being treated for injuries, so many will experience heightened anxiety when brought into the veterinary clinic. Putting pets at ease, ensuring they receive enough water, nutrition, warmth, and loving support are big parts of the surgical process. And, yes, we also expect you to be anxious as well, so we will do our part in answering your questions and helping you make the right decisions regarding your pet’s care.

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Declawing for Cats

As veterinarians, we believe declawing (onychectomy) should only be performed when it is absolutely necessary. If your cat is scratching furniture or people, there are a few alternatives that can help your cat, family, and furniture to share a peaceful coexistence. Some of these alternatives to declawing include:

  • Scratching posts (twine or cardboard)
  • Spray furniture with citrus scents
  • Trim nails (works best with scissor-style trimmers)
  • Vinyl nail caps (they’re stylish, too!)
  • Cat behaviourist sessions
  • Furniture changes (go with leather or ultra-suede)
  • …and others

If the alternatives to declawing are not working and you are considering giving up your cat, we would be happy to discuss some alternatives and our surgical declawing services.

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Specialized Surgery

On occasion, we may be presented with a patient that requires a specialized form of surgery. In these cases, we may refer you to a surgical specialist that can examine your pet and perform the operation. Before and after the procedure, we can address your surgical concerns and coordinate care and recovery with the attending veterinary surgeon. Should a specialist not be available to work with us, we may refer your pet to a specialist at another clinic.

For additional information on soft-tissue, orthopedic, spaying and neutering, declawing, and other forms of veterinary surgery, please feel free to contact Chapel Hill Veterinary Clinic at any time.

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