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Spay and Neuter for Pets in Ottawa and Orléans

Having your pet spayed or neutered comes with a surprising number of benefits; some are obvious, while others will definitely surprise you. At Chapel Hill Veterinary Clinic, we not only wholly promote the practice, but spay and neuter pets for Ottawa and Orléans pet owners in order to minimize pet discomfort, limit flight risks, and to help your pet live a healthier, longer life.

Even if you believe your cat or dog is perfectly content without spaying or neutering, you’ll want to read on to learn some of the additional benefits that go beyond pet discomfort, unintentional pregnancies, and runaway risks. Once you’ve read through the material, call Chapel Hill Veterinary Clinic to schedule a spay or neuter in Ottawa!

150 Animal Shelters and Counting
There are over 150 animal shelters in Ontario alone. The main reason animal shelters are continuously filled to the max with unwanted cats and dogs is unintentional pregnancies. Unwanted litters can be prevented by having your pet neutered or spayed.

Violent, Gross, and Downright Weird Behaviours
Remember how unruly you were during your hormone-enraged teenage years? Now, imagine having those same crazy hormones, not understanding what they are, and never finding a mate. You’d likely develop some odd, aggressive behaviours, right? Schedule a spay or neuter, today!

Cancers of the Reproductive System
Unspayed and unneutered pets can develop a range of cancers involving the reproductive system. These include testicular cancers, mammary (breast) cancers, and ovarian cancers.

Flight Risks
Animals in heat and those set on finding a mate are more likely to run away from home. Even if your unspayed or unneutered pet has never exhibited this type of behaviour, remember: there’s a first time for everything.

“Oops, Now There are 8 of Them”

Why spay? If your cat or dog runs off and returns days later sporting a new diamond collar and a relaxed glow, wait a few months — you may be in for an even bigger shock. Are you ready for that responsibility?

Remember: have your pet spayed so they’re not lured by cretins making lofty promises of fine jewellery, career advancement, a Florida vacation estate, or a spot on their reality TV show. In all seriousness, spay your cat or dog; it’s simply one of the best things you can do for their health and wellbeing. 

They’ll Live a Longer, More Fulfilling Life
On average, spaying or neutering increases a dog’s lifespan by one to three years, and three to five years in cats. Those are years you’ll like missing if you choose to not have your pet spayed or neutered.

Because You Love Your Pet
Bearing in mind the facts we just mentioned, the best reason to have your pet spayed or neutered is because you love them and want the best for them. We can help you improve the relationship you have with your pet and ensure they live a long, happy life. To schedule a spay or neuter for your cat or dog, call Chapel Hill Veterinary Clinic in Ottawa’s Orléans neighbourhood.

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